Permanent Staffing

We go through stacks of resumes so that you don’t have to! Organizations are investing too much into fetching and hiring suitable employees. While open positions left unoccupied for the long impact your business returns directly, it is imperative to detach traditional methodologies of mass recruiting and target the right resources through scalable recruitment strategies. For over 15 years, we at The Staffer have been bridging the gaps between aspiring candidates that complain lack of relevant opportunities and the organizations dealing tough tasks at talent acquisition and emerging us as a groundbreaking permanent staffing agency in India.

Our Exclusive Staffing Solutions Include:
  • Candidate sourcing, screening, and assessment
  • Recruitment administration
  • Market expansions, cyclical and part-time hiring
  • On-boarding and offer management
The Difference We Bring!
  • Driven by our deep staffing expertise and innovative processes, The Staffer leads Permanent Staffing services in India by ensuring the best conversion ratios and predictable costs.
  • Post successive placements, we assist companies in developing long-term staffing strategies, secure the best employees and ultimately check the attrition rates.
  • >Our integrated HR solutions help in weaving customized permanent staffing protocols according to the needs of different scales of organizations. Subsequently, we have been able to steer our focus across different industrial sectors such as Automotive, Manufacturing/Heavy Industry, Construction, Information & Technology, Engineering and Technical, Finance & Legal and Medical & Life Sciences. The rich experience garnered in each of these areas has resulted in improvised candidate experience when they could find work in line with their training, experience and expectations.