About Us

What is The Staffers?

We are a leading placements & HR Consultancy for IT and IT-related industry. The Staffers is powered by deep expertise and an in-depth understanding of technology. We specialize across the technology spectrum, with proven prowess across sectors like e-commerce, social media, advertising, mobile technologies, network security etc. Our constant Endeavour and commitment is to provide the best talent available in the industry to our clients. We ensure this by pre-filtering, pre-evaluation and feedback through our professional network.

We leverage our excellent network in the top schools in India to get the best of talent to power the vision and ideas of our clients. By the virtue of our strong network, not only do we put the best candidates across but also provide insight on their past performances.

The Staffers was founded in the year 2020 by a team of top technology professionals coming from the best institutes in India, with the aim of helping technology start-ups build their high-performance technology teams quickly.

Why Choose Us


To be the leading provider of human capital solutions for the technology industry, shaping the future of work through innovative talent acquisition and development strategies.


To empower businesses with the best talent, by providing access to top professionals, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and leveraging technology to streamline recruitment and retention processes.

We Aim At

Providing our clients with the talent they need to drive growth and innovation, while also helping individuals advance their careers and reach their full potential. This requires a deep understanding of the technology industry and its ever-evolving needs. At The Staffers, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of industry trends and leveraging the latest technology to enhance our services.

At The Staffers, we are ambitious in our goals and strive to establish benchmarks in the industry. We believe in building strong bonds with our clients and candidates, fostering a sense of trust and collaboration. We are nurturing in our approach, recognizing the importance of ongoing support and development to help our clients and candidates reach their full potential.

We are passionate about our work and bring a zealous energy to everything we do. We believe that our passion is contagious and helps us to inspire and motivate others. Additionally, we are youthful, with a youthful energy that drives us to stay current and agile in our approach. We believe that youth energy is a key driver for progress, new ideas, and innovation, and we harness that energy to achieve success for ourselves and our clients.